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Fantasy, New Age Erotica

Erotic, romance writer, Audrie Rain, is unraveling the tales of fascinating, glorified, and envious women in a series of stories depicting unfortunate girls who have been given the chance to live a life of luxury and lavishness in the King's palace as a gem in his harem. The gorgeous king is desired by a vast majority of women around the Seven Kingdoms, but his pleasure lies with the gems. Wanting for nothing, the gems of the King's harem only have one obligation - indulging in acts of pleasure that most would deem merely a fantasy. This is the well known, titillating series, The King's Gems.

Audrie Rain is an erotica writer and novelist. She is a geek at heart with a wild, eccentric imagination. Audrie loves exploring new outlets for her creativity daily. Nothing tickles her fancy more than to learn and relish in the world of fantasy.

Audrie is currently working on new stories in The King's Gems series, stand alone stories, and installments in up and coming new series'.

Excerpt from The King's Emerald

I was being presented to the king. I had no idea what was happening to me. I spent the night imagining the possible reality of this. Could it be true? Could I actually be granted the honor of the King's harem? Could I join the most sought after, most beautiful women of the kingdom and be so lucky to bed the gorgeous King himself?

I was pushed into a line of eight women that were poked and prodded and painted as much as I was.

We walked in a line into the throne room and stood facing the most sensual looking man I've ever seen. The king's chiseled face, dark hair, broad shoulders, and piercing eyes made every woman in this line swoon.

He approached the line speaking to each of us one by one. I didn't hear anything spoken or asked. I was lost. I wasn't present. I was so confused. My ears buzzed. The room hummed.

“And you, my fine beauty. What do you think of joining my harem and becoming one of my gems?” I was asked. I snapped out of my lost state and looked directly into the eyes of the King himself.

“I... I think it an honor, Your Majesty,” I said.

“Would you submit your body willingly to my pleasure and pledge your soul to the good of the kingdom?” he asked.

I looked deep into his eyes. I could smell the scent of the perfumed oils radiating from his clothing. I leaned forward slightly inhaling his scent and stopped suddenly realizing I was keeping him waiting.

“Oh, yes, Your Majesty,” I answered.

He almost chuckled at me.

He leaned forward, his face only inches from mine and whispered, “Why is that?”

“I just want it,” I answered.

He smiled and took my hand in his. He kissed the top of my hand. “I had a dream about you,” he said as he guided me away from the line.

I could hear the breath of rage and disappointment coming from the line.

He guided me into another room with a large table surrounded by a few dozen chairs. The room was completely empty. He grabbed me by the waist, lifted me, and placed me at the end of the head of the table. He sat in the chair directly in front of me and scooted it in. I felt odd looking down on the king. He rested his arms on my thighs.

“Do you understand the life of a gem in my harem?” he asked.

“No”, I replied.

“You will experience the most opulent and lavish life of anyone in the kingdom. Your only obligation will be to my pleasure. My pleasure is submitting your body to me entirely. Your body will become my property. You will not disobey me or you will be returned to whatever life you have now. My pleasure also includes respecting my other gems. I will enjoy your body, and I'm sure you will enjoy mine as well. Have you experienced the pleasure of a woman's body?” he asked.

I shook my head.

He smiled. “Good, I will get to be there for that then. I like to enjoy my gems together. You will be expected to be adorned with provocative clothing at all times. Your only stress in life will be how best to creatively decorate your body for my pleasure. Are you ready for a life of extravagance and pleasure?” he finally asked.

“Oh, yes, Your Majesty.”


Audrie is currently working on a second series entitled The Queen's Elements as a complimentary collection to The King's Gems where Audrie reverses the gender roles and offers men the chance to contend for a role in the Queen's keep.

The Queen's Iron, the first book in the seductive new series, The Queen's Elements, is now available on Amazon.

The Queen's Iron :: A soldier of virtue, leaden with muscle and surging with strength, lead an uprising against the crown. Now imprisoned, starved, and beaten, he is finally put before the tyrannical Queen and questioned. He is certain he will be tortured and lose his head like many, many before him.
...but the Queen seems to have something else in mind.
His name, given by the Queen, is a humiliating and permanent reminder that he will forever be collared in iron and treated as a pet. The blood thirsty Queen leverages his life against him to keep him weak of heart, obedient, and submissive. With his old name and memory destroyed, Iron becomes nothing more than a slave to her pleasures and desires, no matter how erotic or degrading they might be.
Can he hope to appease the Queen's insatiable lust and sadistic desires or risk losing his head?

A Very Private Club, an erotic tale of awakening and exploration in a secret club, is now available on Amazon.

A Very Private Club :: Abbey is a shy young woman that allows her promiscuous and eccentric friend to drag her around to bars and parties in hopes of pulling her out of her shell, but there's one particular party that will change Abbey's life forever. When she meets the fascinating and established Camille, she is enthralled and excited, but terrified. With Camille's encouragement, Abbey allows herself to be swept into the fantasy world of a private club, a vast mansion hidden deep in the woods outside of the city where the most imaginative and free spirited acts of sexual desire take place openly.
But as she explores her own sexuality, Abbey is at risk of falling prey to dominant figures and manipulative, controlling cliques. She must tread carefully and seek the guidance of the right person while she indulges herself in fantasies that are sometimes, even on the menu.

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